Date:-Day II, Friday, 6th Oct. 2017.
Venue:-Sapphire ballroom, 1st floor


The 180° Seminars are subject-specific seminars on topics which are most relevant to the industrialization of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering based applications. These Seminars will consist of 3-4 focused presentations and case-studies by domain experts.

The 180o Seminars are subject-specific seminars on topics which are most relevant to the industrialization of Green Chemistry & Engineering applications.

These Seminars are designed to create a metaphorical 180o shift from the existing know-how to and implementable paradigm for industrial green chemistry and engineering practices as door-step solutions

  • Attended by focussed industry audience seeking relevant solutions on the topics above.
  • Conducted by domain experts through case-study presentations and interactive sessions’.
  • Designed to bring-forth technical insights and its commercially viable methodologies.

The seminars will focus on four areas pertinent for making “greener” manufacturing processes, selected as the maximum–impact areas in the implementation of industrial green chemistry and engineering practices.

Participation focus – managers and senior representatives from R&D and Production.

Green processes – 9:30 to 11:00 hrs.

Green Process refers to measures to eliminate the environmental burden in such areas as resources input, chemical substances use and energy consumption to the greatest extent possible from all the processes involved in manufacture. This seminar is designed to bring forth technical insight, and a knowhow of reducing the e- factor, by discussing case studies that have successfully set up cost effective manufacturing process at normal pressure and temperature, effective recycling, new route selection as well as safer reagents and solvents.


Time Speaker Title
Session Chairperson - Prof. S S Bhagwat, Dept. of Chemical Engineering Institute of Chemical Technology(ICT), India
9.30-10.00 Prof. S S Bhagwat, Dept. of Chemical Engineering Institute of Chemical Technology(ICT), India Title Awaited Prof. S S Bhagwat
10.00-10.30 Mr. Hemant Joglekar, Associate Vice President Resin Sales Ion Exchange (I) Ltd. Purification and recycle / reuse of process streams Mr. Hemant Joglekar
10.30-11.00 Mrs. Ashwini Gunnal-Kothe – R&D Manager Recycle@SourceTM Solutions for ‘greener’ processes Mrs. Ashwini Gunnal-Kothe
Ms. Megha Shanbhag – Business Development Manager Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India The Chemical Industry Under the 4th Industrial Revolution – Sustainable, Digital and Citizens One Ms. Megha Shanbhag

Green solvents – 14:00 to 15:30 hrs.

The idea of ''green'' solvents expresses the goal to minimize the environmental impact resulting from the use of solvents in chemical production. In this seminar we aim to provide valuable insight to help understand the ‘greenness’ of alternative solvents. It will include case studies on ionic liquids, diutectic liquids, supercritical fluid extractions, water based reactions and their environmental and economic benefits


Time Speaker Title
Session Chairperson -Dr. C. Nandi, V.P.-R & D at NOCIL Ltd.
14.0-14.30 Dr. Jeff Eaves, Circa Sustainable Chemicals, UK Developing value added products from waste cellulose: 'Cyrene - from laboratory curiosity to major commercial opportunity in renewable chemicals' Dr. Jeff Eaves
14.30-14.50 G. Ram Prasad, GM-Technical Sales, S.Amit Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., India & Jun Oka, ZEON Corporation, Japan New Ether Process Solvent : Cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME) for green Chemistry & Process Innovation Mr. Hemant Joglekar
14.50-15.10 Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava, ‎GM corporate R & D at Godavari Biorefineries Ltd., India. Opportunities for Bio-Based Green Solvents Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava
15.10-15.30 Dr. C. Nandi, V.P.-R & D at NOCIL Ltd Water as a Solvent for Chemical Transformations Dr. C. Nandi

Green catalysts – 11:30 to 13:00 hrs.

Green catalysts are the catalysts which are eco friendly, can be regenerated hence reused multiple times and thus minimize waste production during process. The seminar will include successful case studies on replacing conventional catalysts with greener alternatives, and their economic and environmental impact. We also hope to bring forth technical knowhow in regards to enzymatic and biocatalytic routes. The seminar will also help to connect with potential collaborators and technology providers in the same area.


Advanced Enzyms
Time Speaker Title
Session Chairperson -Dr. Bhalachandra M. Bhanage, Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, India
11.30-12.00 Dr. Michael Puls , VP Business Development, evoxx technologies GmbH, Germany & Advanced Enzyme Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India Enzyme Technology for Efficient Processes in Chemical Manufacturing Dr. Michael Puls
12.00-12.20 Saravanan Jothi, Associate Scientific Manager, IOSYNTH Labs Pvt. Ltd., India Case studies on Industrial Biocatalysis Saravanan Jothi
12.20-12.40 Mr. Tanmay Godiawala, GM, REAXA Ltd. (S-Amit Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.) India Greener Catalysts – Encapsulated metal catalysts to Achieve Easier, Faster and Cleaner Hydrogenation and Coupling Reaction Processes Mr. Tanmay Godiawala
12.40-13.00 Dr. Bhalchandra M. Bhanage, Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, India Sustainable Catalysts – for fixation of carbon-di-oxide and Sustainable Catalysts for the fixation of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide as C-1 sources to synthesize the Value Added Chemicals Dr. Bhalchandra

Green engineering – 16:00 – 17:30 hrs.

Here we will be discussing emerging aspects of green engineering for process intensification, water and energy optimization and waste and toxicity reduction, as well as the potential of flow chemistry and micro reactors in helping the reduction of environmental footprint of manufacturing processes. We will be discussing case studies of successful technologies that have incorporated various aspects of green engineering at the design stage to minimize environmental footprint.

Agenda to be uploaded shortly

Time Speaker Title
16.00-16.30 Dr. M. G. Palekar, CTO, STEP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India Process Intensification with Downflow Gas Contactor Reactor Dr. Michael Puls
16.30-17.00 Mr. Sandip Bose, Head of operation excellence, Sun API Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., India Green Engineering in Pharma Industry Mr. Sandip Bose
17.00-17.30 Mr. R N Mohanty, President – Technology, Pidilite industries india Green Engineering in Specialty Chemical Industry Mr. R N Mohanty