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Cleanchem Laboratories LLP is registered under Ministry of Corporate affairs, Govt. of India and its registration no. is AAD-8995 on 11 th May 2015 having registered office and R&D (CRAMS) facility is at MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai, India. It is independent reliable R&D based custom manufacturing company (CRAMS). It is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company delivering various products and R&D based services to pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical research, speciality chemical, academic and government research institutions and healthcare industry. Our motto is ‘’To develop all the chemical products and processes environmental benign, high quality and cost effective‘’. Our manufacturing processes are majorly based on catalysis, which are ‘CLEAN’ and ‘GREEN’ taking an account on environment concern, economic benefit and global warming.

Products & Services offered by Cleanchem:

 Custom Synthesis:

  • Impurities / working standard as per EP / USP / BP / IP and other process related impurity
  • Development of Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical intermediates
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Metabolites
  • Isolation, characterization and Identification of unknown impurities, Process related impurities

Purification Techniques:

  • Short Part Distillation/Thin Film Evaporator
  • Silica and Resin Based Chromatographic purification
  • Flash Chromatographic
  • Preparative HPLC


CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory

The CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was founded in the year 1950. It has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Chemical industry in India. It has partnered research with some of the largest companies of the world. Many of the processes and products that have come out of CSIR-NCL have been successfully commercialized by industry, both, for domestic consumption and exports. Establishment of CSIR-NCL was an important milestone in expanding the traditions of scientific research in India. At the time of creation, NCL was considered a symbol of the future greatness of India as a nation. CSIR-NCL continues to be an enduring symbol of the very best in scientific research and has assiduously maintained over the past six decades the highest standards of scientific excellence, both, in basic and applied sciences and technology.

CSIR-NCL today boasts of over 150 PhD scientists, and about 200 technical supporting staff. In addition, about 500 students are pursuing their PhD degree and about 300 students with a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering are working on various projects on short term assignment varying from six months to two years. CSIR-NCL is a rich provider of high quality human resources in chemical and related sciences and engineering to both academia and industry. Its alumni, in excess of 1700 PhDs, occupy positions of eminence in Industry, academia and the government.

For further information please contact Director
National Chemical Laboratory
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411 008 (INDIA)
Tel.: +91-20-2590 2600
Fax: +91-20-2590 2601 Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ncl-india.org


Geist offers guaranteed Profit from Zero Liquid Discharge using innovative technology platforms. Geist’s expertise in recovering pure chemicals from a variety of industrial wastewaters manifests as the concept of “Wealth Out of Waste – WOOW Technologies” that enable conversion of industrial wastewaters to resource streams. These resource streams generate profits by the sale of recovered pure chemicals, saving on wastewater treatment costs and reduced purchase of fresh water. Intangible benefits include zero liquid discharge resulting in elimination of secondary and tertiary pollution.

Geist has taken up the challenge to make industrial wastewater recycling a profitable activity and changed the paradigm. By offering globally competitive solutions for worldwide problems of various chemical processing and related industries, Geist promises to harmonize environment with economic activity in a way that leads to win-win-win situation for the customer, the environment and for us.

Geist started its operations in 2005 & became part of EWL in 2013. Since inception, Geist is exclusively focusing on wastewater valorization concept – Wealth Out Of Waste. Geist’s Goa facility has research driven infrastructure which includes Research Laboratory, Analytical Laboratory & Scale Up Facility.

Geist has developed cutting edge technologies in the waste water domain for recovery of chemicals. These technologies are patented.

Now more than a decade, Geist had developed niche technologies for textile, Pharma, Specialty, Fine Chemicals & Chlor-Alkali Industry.

Some of the important technologies developed by Geist are as follows

  • Technology for recovery of Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate from Reject brine stream
  • Technology for recovery of Calcium Hypochlorite from waste water stream
  • Technology for recovery of Formic Acid from dilute solutions
  • Technology for production High Strength Stable Bleaching Powder

Geist is one of those few companies who invest resources & develop technologies from basics.
Clients all over India send samples of wastewater streams to Geist’s Goa facility for evaluation of chemicals recovery potential. Geist undertakes detailed technology validation trials & provide a customized solution to the client.
Geist supply these technologies on EPC basis. Geist believes in providing extended handholding to the client & hence, Geist also undertakes the Operation & Maintenance Contract for the supplied “First Of A Kind” projects. Geist is also planning to enter into Chemical Trading business to support the clients for sale of the chemicals recovered from Wastewater.


Wastewaters are a necessary evil associated with industrial activity. Zero Liquid Discharge is often considered the only viable way forward. However, ZLD involves significant capital and operating costs. We, at Geist Research believe that industrial wastewaters offer an untapped potential for adding to the bottom line as well as enhancing the green credentials of the industry.

Geist believes that realization of this Green potential is essential for the long term well-being of the industry and its harmonious co-existence with the environment. The first step in this direction is to classify the “wastewaters” as “resource streams”. These resource streams can be exploited for recovery of various chemicals that are present in them. The cost of recovery of these chemicals being a fraction of their market price, offers an attractive business proposition. This coupled with the elimination of need for treating these “wastewaters” adds to the overall profitability.
The resource stream post-recovery can be either recycled directly or after a traditional treatment e.g. reverse osmosis (RO) or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR). The reject / concentrate streams from RO / MVR can be further used for recovery of its chemical value. The whole process becomes Zero Liquid Discharge and adds significantly to the bottom line by generating profits.



  • Recovery of chemicals in commercially pure form for recycle into the process or sale.
  • Savings in the cost of treatment of “wastewaters”.
  • Due to complete recycling of water, drastic reduction in need for purchase of fresh water.


  • Statutory compliances and associated concerns become irrelevant enabling the organization to focus its resources on its core competencies.
  • Eliminates the need of land for secure landfill thereby freeing up land for further expansion.
  • Enables industry location at a place where water discharges are not allowed.


"We are a biorefining company that produces sugar, other foods, biofuels, chemicals, power, compost, waxes, and related products, using sugarcane as the primary feedstock. Our aim is to engage in research and innovate by continuously making new products and entering new markets in order to derive the maximum value from our feedstock. Our research areas include sustainable farming, transformation of biomass (chemical, mechanical and biological), product development, and process optimization. Founded in 1939, we have been pioneers in the growing, processing, and utilization of biomass to make a wide variety of products."



Heavy Water Board is a constituent unit of the Department of Atomic Energy. It is world’s largest producer of Nuclear Grade Heavy Water, used as moderator and coolant in Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PFBR), based on multiple processes like H 2 S-H 2 O isotope Exchange Process and NH 3 -H 2 isotopic Exchange Process,
HWB not only makes country self-reliant and self–sufficient in Heavy Water but also a credible globle supplier to advanced countries including USA, France and Republic of Korea.
HWB has also entered into diversified activities and producing diverse products with an enlarge mandate for nuclear and societal application including NMR solvents, Boron isotopes, solvents for Hydrometallurgy, Sodium etc. beside Heavy Water, Deuterium gas and its compound.
HWB has widened the horizon of activities into other areas of high end technology for direct use in biomedical field and for environment conservation which is reflected in Production of Oxygen-18 Water used for early detection of cancer staging by means of PET diagnostic technique, exploring several beneficial application of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) in medical field specially in cancer therapy, Flue gas conditioning technology, Harnessing solar power, Rain water harvesting, etc.
HWB has also signed a collaborative agreement with other companies for development of deuterium labeled compounds, NMR solvents and d-labeled API’s for societal and industrial application.
HWB’s future activities includes Technology for Rare materials recovery from domestic rock phosphates, recovery of Cobalt from spent catalyst, Gallium from Bayer’s liquor, Helium and Hydrogen production, non-nuclear application of Deuterium, synthesis of specialty solvents, production of nuclear grade sodium, etc.


Hohenstein india Pvt Ltd

“Hohenstein India Pvt Ltd. is the DAkkS accredited testing laboratory as per ISO 17025. The state-of-the art laboratory is the service partner for its customers and provide Performance Testing, Safety / Regulatory Testing, Restricted Substance List (RSL) Testing. We perceive ourselves as visionary problem solvers for our customers, offering innovative and tailored testing and certification as well as other service.
Around 1,000 people are employed at our headquarters in Germany and at our laboratories and international offices in Europe, Asia and America. Benefit from our on-site expert teams who can provide you with our broadly diverse range of services in all major production and purchasing regions for textiles. Our international clients in more than 40 countries include businesses all along the textile production chain and increasingly those from other sectors like the automotive industry, medicine, as well as the investment and consumer goods industries
For more than 70 years, we have specialized in the testing and certification of textile products of every description. You can therefore profit from tailor-made testing and service offers for your individual needs. Hohenstein also provides Oekotex Testing and Certification to the textiles, leathers and accessories manufacturers.” As a founding member of the OEKO-TEX Association, Hohenstein supports you in the implementation of your product stewardship and in all matters relating to sustainable economic activity. So that you and your customers are on the safe side.”


Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.
Our offering to the industrial market includes industrial scales and terminals; software such as statistical quality control, formulation and batching; metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray visioning systems; automatic identification, data capture and dimensioning solutions for transportation and logistics; and vehicle weighing solutions.
Our precise instruments are the foundation of research and quality control labs all over the world. High-performance weighing solutions offer a basis for solid R&D results. Thermal analysis instruments help to improve materials and their thermal behavior. Automated chemistry solutions accelerate the development of new chemicals.
Our analytical balances, titrators, pH meters, density meters, refractometers, melting point meters and pipettes can be tailored to each customer’s application and provide a fully documented workflow for every quality control lab.
METTLER TOLEDO has offices across 10 locations in India, a Factory in Vasai and Nashik, International Market Support Group (IMSG), Product Inspection Competency Centre, Mass Calibration Laboratory and Service Competency Centre in Mumbai.
Contact -Ms. Snehal Naik
Toll Free No: 1800 22 8884 & 1800 1028 460
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.mt.com


Sawant Process Solution

We are technical experts with more than 20 years of experience in providing solutions for your process requirements.
We are absolutely committed to assist our customers all over India in setting up state-of-the- art processes for their research, production, testing and quality tasks. Our field of expertise covers high vacuum, precise and fast temperature control, distillations, high-pressure applications and mixing, grinding and filing applications.
By our vast, experienced and well-trained service team all over India we install, maintain and service all provided equipment in short time.

Our expertise lies in providing the required:

  • Vacuum for your applications
  • Temperature control for your applications
  • Thin Film and Short Path Distillation for your applications
  • Rotary Evaporators for your applications
  • Glass Reactors and Reaction Systems for your applications
  • High Pressure Reactors for your applications
    PREMEX REACTORS Ag, Switzerland
  • Mixing, Grinding and Filling equipment for your applications
    ESCO – LABOR Ag, Switzerland


To conduct research and developmental. studies in environmental. science and engineering. To render assistance to the industries of the region, local bodies, etc. in solving the problems of environmental pollution. To interact and collaborate with academic and research institutions on environmental - science and engineering for mutual benefit.



KBCols Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a technology driven startup in the field of Bioprocess Technology. The company founded and run by Dr. Vaishali M. Kulkarni (Alumni of ICT, Mumbai) and ably assisted by Dr. Arjun Singh Bajwa focusses on harnessing the true potential of Biotechnology through innovative and path breaking solutions for industrially important pigments and bioactive compounds. The company envisions being a pioneer in space of innovation, research, manufacturing and application of those biomolecules.
The start-up currently focusses on exploring microbes as a waste & inexhaustible source which can be used for extracting different natural colors, thereby giving an opportunity to color the whole world in a completely new different way. The company through its innovative approach is actively involved in developing proof of concept for extracting natural colors from microbes and applying them in various industries through an environment friendly and novel process. The startup has already received numerous International and national awards for its approach including BEST ABLE 2015, DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2016, Axis Moves 2017, BIG (Biotech Ignition grant) 2018 etc.



SPX FLOW, Inc. (NYSE:FLOW) is a leading manufacturer of innovative flow technologies, many of which help define the industry standard in the market segments they serve. From its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, it operates a sales and support network, centers of manufacturing excellence, and advanced engineering facilities, throughout the world. Its cutting- edge flow components and process equipment portfolio includes a wide range of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, mixers, homogenizers, separators, filters, UHT, and Evaporation & Spray drying technology that meet many application needs. Its expert engineering capability also makes it a premium supplier of customized solutions and complete, turn-key packages to meet the most exacting of installation demands.
Incorporating many leading brands, SPX FLOW has a long history of serving the food and beverage, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, power and energy, and industrial market sectors. Its designs and engineered solutions help customers drive efficiency and productivity, increase quality and reliability, and meet the latest regulatory demands. In-depth understanding of applications and processes, state-of-the-art Innovation Centers, and advanced pilot/testing technology further assist in optimizing processes and reducing timescales to reliably meet production targets.



❝Equinox delivers real-time decision support systems, integrating Engineering, MES, LIMS, SCM and ERP applications from diverse vendors.…❞
Passion for process applications
Equinox designs and delivers efficient decision support systems to enable apt decision making from enterprise-wide raw data.
Equinox brings in-depth technical know-how, industry knowledge, rich experience and successful track record across a dozen countries, where it has delivered projects.
Equinox prides itself in its “Balanced Perspective”, which is its Hallmark, embodied in its Name and Logo.


Green ChemisTree Foundation

Green ChemisTree Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization, with the vision to bring forth technical know-how regarding green chemistry and engineering applications amongst the chemical community including Industry, Academia, Research Institutes, Govt. bodies, and Students.
The Green ChemisTree Foundation has emerged as a focused platform to engage the Industry and Non- Industry groups in exploring the world of Green Chemistry and Engineering practices, as a possible way of doing chemistry and impacting the collective 'green' conciousness across the value chain of the Chemical Industry


Hi Tech BioSciences

Hi Tech BioSciences is a technology company established with a vision of “sustainable development through research and technological interventions for overall wellness of the society and the environment”.
The Biocatalysis division focusses on the development of different enzyme platforms for to address various synthetic chemistry problems using biocatalysis.


IIT Bombay

Established in 1958, the second of its kind, IIT Bombay was the first to be set up with foreign assistance. The funds from UNESCO came as Roubles from the then Soviet Union. In 1961 Parliament decreed the  IITs as  ‘Institutes of National Importance'. Since then, IITB has grown from strength to strength to emerge as one of the top technical universities in the world.
The institute is recognised worldwide as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. Reputed for the outstanding calibre of students graduating from its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the institute attracts the best students from the country for its bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes. Research and academic programmes at IIT Bombay are driven by an outstanding faculty, many of whom are reputed for their research contributions internationally.



Iosynth provides a full range of biocatalysis services to pharmaceutical, agro and fine chemical companies. Team Iosynth leverages a strong track record of commercializing technologies along with deep enzyme industry insights to bring easy, accessible biocatalysis to India through partnerships with world leaders. Iosynth operates out of Bangalore, India



It all started in 1998, in a hostel room at IIT Mumbai. A conversation that debated the basic idea that the chemicals industry viewed pollution as something that needs to be controlled, while it should be prevented by recycling at source.
So it was in 1999, that this team of IIT technocrats came together, to use their expertise in chemistry and make the world a cleaner and greener place…and Newreka was born. The name is a combination of  “Nature’s Enthusiastic World” and “Eureka”, the ancient Greek word to celebrate discovery. And what a revelation it truly was…From its modest beginnings as a consultancy, the company now transformed into an award winning enviropreneur!
Its unmatched knowledge base of over 50,000 experiments conducted by a dedicated team of 50 Green Chemists and Green Chemical Engineers, State-of-the-Art Production facilities and Research and Development centres, contribute to its status as one of the pioneers of this technology in India. We have the resources, we have the commitment, and we have the expertise to not only focus on your problems, but on its turnkey solutions as well.



STEP was established in March 2010 by experienced professionals with environment and social science background. Apart from sound environmental engineering knowledge, our engineers have knowledge of ISO 15001, ISO 14001, Green Buildings, Carbon footprint assessment, Green Technologies and Sustainability reporting based on GRI guidelines. STEP can therefore provide a ‘holistic’ view to assignments.
Our work methodology is client specific. We understand client’s operations; challenges & issues; analyse them and provide ‘tailor-made’ solutions. Other than designing end-of-pipe waste management solutions, through process audits, we guide our clients to reduce waste generation, recover solvents & chemicals, and recycle water. This helps clients in sustainable development through resource optimisation and cost reduction of waste management operations.