Govt. Partners & Supporters

Excel Industries Limited

Ministry of Environmental & Forests

Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of India’s environmental and forestry policies and programmes.

Dept. of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science &

Department of Science & Technology (DST) was established in May 1971, with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S&T activities in the country.

Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers

Department of Pharmaceuticals is entrusted with the responsibility of policy, planning, development and regulation of Pharmaceutical Industries.


Department of Chemical & Petrochemicals

The Department of Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals has been part of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers from 5.7.1991. The Department is entrusted with the responsibility of policy, planning, development and regulation of Chemicals and Petrochemicals  Industries.

Industry Partners & Supporters


Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited

Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited on of India's leading speciality chemicals companies and is the No. 1 player in

Pigments | Biocides for Paints | Masterbatches

Its various business including Pigments (Coatings, Printing and Plastics and Special Applications), Additives, Industrial & Consumer Specialities, Detergents & Intermediates, Oil & Mining Service and Masterbatches.


Covestro (India) Private Limited

Covestro is a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials for key industries. Its products and application solutions are nearly everywhere in modern life. With its innovative strength the company is constantly coming up with new developments which benefit society and the environment.

Dow Chemical International Private Limited

Dow Chemical International Private Limited

Dow Chemical International Private Limited (Dow India) is committed to consistent growth through its expertise as a science and technology leader, its experience as a leading chemical company, and its engagement with the communities.

Dr. Reddy's

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

Established in 1984, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. is an integrated global pharmaceutical company that's committed to providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives. Through its three businesses - Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients, Global Generics and Proprietary Products – Dr. Reddy's offers a portfolio of products and services that include Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS), generics, biosimilars, differentiated formulations and News Chemical Entities (NCEs).


Excel Industries Limited

Since its inception in 1941, Excel Industries Limited has been known as a pioneer in the area of crop protection chemicals for the Industry as well as the farming community. Today it has successfully leveraged its strengths to emerge as a leader in a range of specialty and performance chemicals.


Geist Research Pvt. Ltd.

Geist offers turnkey solutions based on innovative technology platforms to achieve PROFIT FROM ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE (PZLD).
These platform technologies enable recovery of pure chemicals from a wide variety of industrial wastewaters at a fraction of their market price and completely recycle the wastewaters. Geist's turnkey solutions create 'WEALTH OUT OF WASTE' by generating revenues from the sale of recovered chemicals and saving on wastewater treatment costs alongwith reduction in the requirement and therefore purchase fresh water.



KnowGenix is a business research and growth
strategy firm involved in chemical, material and energy practices. The firm researches business and technology trends in petrochemicals, fine, specialty and life science chemicals value chain as well as in materials and energy. It assists clients with growth strategy services through customized, competitive and timely solutions covering Asia, M.E., EU and US geographies in collaboration with its global partners.

L'Oreal Research & Innovation

L'Oréal Research and Innovation teams apply the principles of sustainable and responsible innovation on a daily basis. Listening to the expectations of consumers, they are committed to the pursuit of ethical beauty that respects diversity. In its research activities, the group is particularly vigilant in five areas: human health (employees, consumers, professionals), environmental protection, ethics, fair trade and consideration of the social and societal impact of innovation.


Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The Industrial Green Chemistry World is an initiative envisioned by Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., towards its commitment for our natural environment and passion for Chemistry.

Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Novozymes is the world leader in bio innovation. Our
business is industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

PI Industries Ltd.

PI Industries currently operates three formulation and two manufacturing facilities as well as five multi product plants under its three business units across Gujarat in ( Panoli and Jambusar) and Jammu . These state-of-art facilities have integrated process development teams with in-house engineering capabilities.

Reliance Industries Limited

Our motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of Reliance. Our activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications. In each of these areas, we are committed to innovation-led, exponential growth. Our vision has pushed us to achieve global leadership in many of our businesses – including our position as the largest polyester yarn and fibre producer in the world. Reliance Industries Limited is a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India.

Rochem Logo

Rochem Separation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Rochem Separation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1991. In its quest to provide world class Water Purification Systems it entered into technical collaboration with Rochem (Germany). 
Rochem Separation Systems has spent the past decade researching, developing, manufacturing and installing its Advanced Membrane Module Technology Based Separation Systems for recovery and reuse of difficult waste water.


Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemicals Limited is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on LIFE: Living, Industry and Farm Essentials. The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business.

Academia & Research Partners

Green Chemistry Center of Excellence for
Industry, York University

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) at
the University of York houses ca. 70 staff and graduates working on various aspects of green and sustainability chemistry. The GCCE has an external research income of ca. £4.3M and aims to develop green chemistry.

Media Partners & Supporters

CHEManager Europe

CHEManager Europe supplies top-level managers and
executives with insightful interviews with leading industry decision makers; in-depth articles on the newest trends and developments; and the latest happenings on the market. Leading personalities from the areas of scientific research, business and politics turn to CHEManager Europe in order to express their views on all topics relevant in the field.  With our online portal,, readers can enjoy CHEManager Europe no matter where they are in the world.

Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch

Publishes news and intelligence to help companies meet responsibilities under chemicals legislation worldwide, including regimes such as REACH, CLP, GHS and TSCA. The magazine keeps you abreast of policy and business trends across the EU, North America and Asia. Because they are not tied to any trade associations, government or campaign group, they are able to offer objective news and analysis for all sectors.

Chemical Weekly

Chemical Weekly

Chemical Weekly is a Sevak Publications magazine. Sevak Publications was established in 1957 as a support firm and is the flagship organisation of a hub of businesses, that offer a wide range of products and services for the chemical and allied industries. Sevak Publications and associated companies is the only group in India, that caters exclusively to the needs of the chemical industry.

Chemical World

Chemical World

'Chemical World', the leading B2B monthly publication from the Network 18 Group, updates on the emerging trends in chemical processing and is a ready reckoner for the industry. It tracks & analyses major developments (right from chemicals to manufacturing technologies), and offers unbiased news, views to the readers to empower them in making better business decisions.


RSC- Green Chemistry Journal

Green Chemistry is the leading journal in the field, with
an impact factor of 5.8, publishing communications, full papers and reviews. Green Chemistry has an international Editorial and Advisory Board; Martyn Poliakoff is Chair of the Editorial Board, Walter Leitner is Scientific Editor and CJ Li Associate Editor.


Specialty Chemicals Magazine

An international exhibition and publishing company, DMG
World Media produces over 250 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs each year and publishes more than 40 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports.
Sustainability Outlook

Sustainability Outlook

Sustainability Outlook is a market access, insight and collaboration platform tracking actions related towards sustainability in the Indian economy. It proactively promotesdialogue and collates data to enable action by local, regional as well as global practitioners. Sustainability Outlook provides (a) in-depthbusiness and policy analyses (b) updates on the market participants and latest trends on sustainability initiatives and (c) expert inputs on resourcereduction and other abatement as well as adaptation measures being undertaken.


UDCT Alumni Association

The UDCT Alumni Association (UAA) was formed in 1989 to foster fellowship and provide a forum to bring together the alumni of UDCT renamed as ICT, its past and present faculty members on a common platform and to promote the activities of ICT in India and abroad and to institute awards, scholarship/fellowship and grants.

Associate Partners


ACS-Green Chemistry Institute

The mission of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI) is to enable and catalyze the implementation of green chemistry and green engineering into all aspects of the global chemical enterprise.

Beyond Benign foundations

Beyond Benign Foundations

Beyond Benign was created by Dr. John Warner, a
founder of the field of Green Chemistry, to provide an approach and means for scientists, particularly those involved in green chemistry and sustainable science, to reach out to the public.



EBTC is a programme co-funded by the European Union and implemented by EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. At EBTC a key role is played by 16 European partners combining business organizations, academic and research institutes from all over the EU, all of them with a successful track record in their respective field.

GIZ (German Development Corporation)

GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

Working efficiently, effectively and in a spirit of support,
GIZ supports people and societies worldwide in creating sustainable living conditions and building better futures. The services delivered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH draw on a wealth of regional and technical competence and tried and tested management expertise.



Greenea is a French biofuels brokerage company founded in 2007. We specialize in waste-based feedstock & biofuels  providing the highest level of service to companies on all continents.

The activities of Greenea focus on the brokerage of physical products covering the whole biofuels supply chain: Biodiesel (FAME, PME, RME, UCOME and TME) and feedstocks such as vegetable oils, animal fats, used cooking oil, crude and refined glycerin.


Green Chemistry Network Centre

The Green Chemistry Network can provide competitive, tailor-made solutions, which will enable chemical production that is more profitable, less wasteful, less damaging to the environment and more socially acceptable.


Indian Chemical Council (ICC)

INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL (ICC) the apex national body representing all branches of the Chemical Industry in India such as Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Plastics & Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refineries, Dyestuffs & Dye-intermediates, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Specialty Chemicals, Paints etc.

The Indian Chemical Council is dedicated to the growth of the Indian Chemical Industry. Established in 1938, ICC has over the years grown its functions and offerings to cater to the varying needs of the Indian Chemical Industry.


Indian Speciality Chemicals Manufacturers' Association (ISCMA)

The Indian Speciality Chemical Manufacturers’ Association is an all India body representing manufacturers of Speciality chemicals. The association was established during the year 1952.

Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)

Established in 1965, the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) represents the research - based pharmaceutical companies in India. We are committed to supporting India’s healthcare objectives and engaging with the Government and other stakeholders to find sustainable healthcare solutions. OPPI’s stringent Code of Pharmaceuticals Practices binds all our member companies.

Tata Strategic Management Group

Founded in 1991 as a division of Tata Industries Limited, the Tata Strategic Management Group (Tata Strategic) is a management consulting firm that works closely with client top managements. We help clients explore uncharted territories, exploit new opportunities, unlock hidden potential and create shareholder value. We are part of the $100 billion Tata Group, one of the largest and most respected business groups in India.

Comments & Feedback
  • While I was only there for one day, I could tell that it was extremely successful. Congratulations on putting together a wonderful event.

    - Dr. John C Warner,
    Co-Founder 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, CTO-Warner Babcock Institute of Green Chemistry
  • You all have made a huge commitment to implementing green chemistry and engineering in India and all your hard work and sacrifice is beginning to be rewarded, I think. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do. It's truly inspiring!

    - Dr. David Constable,
    Director, ACS-Green Chemistry Institute
  • The IGCW Conferences have established a unique niche in bringing together key stakeholders of Green Chemistry in India and providing them a platform to share experiences and best practices. I am sure in the years to come they will vastly strength the awareness of Green Chemistry and become a catalyst for change for the Chemical Industry of India. My very good wishes for continued success.

    - Dr. Swaminatthan Sivaram,
    Bhatnagar Fellow & Former Director, NCL, Pune
  • We thank you giving us an opportunity to participate/speak and further to get us associated with the IGCW Convention. It was a beautifully organized workshop, which gave us a chance to blend with various industries & Academia! "

    - Mr. Chandrakanth K Sethia,
    Sales Manager, Corning India Ltd.
  • It was indeed a fruitful exhibiting at the Symposium which gave an insight of the Industry working for the Green Environment. We had quite good interactions with few fellow industrialist to see how we can contribute to the same.Thanks for your support and Congratulation to you and your team for the successful event.

    - Mr. Rahul Kirkinde,
    Business Head- API Healthcare, Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd.
  • I appreciate all your efforts in India in the areas of Green Chemistry/Technologies. It was a very nice experience for me to attain IGCW-2015 and to receive the Award in SME category. The conference was very well organized.

    - Dr. Prakash Somani,
    Founder, Applied Sciences Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
  • It was a good show put up by you and your team. The event was satisfying in terms of industry presence and our content of discussions/presentations. Look forward to the next programme. Do share the details when ready.

    - Mr. Girish Thorat, ,
    General Manager – India, ROCHEM Separation Systems
  • Huge congrats for organizing such a great green chemistry conference. I enjoyed every bit of it. Those two days provided me real feedback about Indian industries approach towards green chemistry. My 180 degree seminar was highly appreciated by the audience and several industries are now in touch with me for some serious collaboration. It was great event and you should have it every year. You should also invite more active academicians in the field. Once again I like to congratulate both of you for the success of this event.

    - Prof. Vivek Polshettiwar, FRSC,
    Nano-Catalysis Laboratory (NanoCat), Department of Chemical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
  • Congratulations on organizing another successful and impactful IGCW 2015. It was my pleasure to participate and learn from this convention. "

    - Dr. Vilas Dahanukar,
    Chief Scientist, IPDO, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
  • I want to say you and the rest of your fantastic team a very big thank you for organizing the conference which was a great learning and networking platform – we were happy to be able to contribute! And we look forward to continuing the collaboration in the future. All the best – and look forward to touching base again in 2016.

    - Mr. Michael Foldager,
    Senior Manager, Global Marketing & European Sales, Novozymes AS
  • I would also like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to join and present at IGCW 2015 in Mumbai. It was a brilliant event, with fascinating content and high-profile participants. I made some good contacts there for my new company and I am optimistic for the next steps.

    - Dr. Wolfgang Eger,
    Director, Kijani Asia
  • The IGCW Conferences have established a unique niche in bringing together key stakeholders of Green Chemistry in India and providing them a platform to share experiences and best practices. I am sure in the years to come they will vastly strength the awareness of Green Chemistry and become a catalyst for change for the Chemical industry of India. My very good wishes for continued success.

    - Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram,
    Bhatnagar Fellow & Former Director, NCL, Pune
  • IGCW is a confluence of knowledge, research and solutions; a meeting of some of the great minds in Green Chemistry. It is a class apart and the passion, commitment and dedication to the cause that culminated in the two day IGCW-2015 shone forth from the IGCW team. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of this great event. Team IGCW, may your passion be contagious ! Keep up the great work !

    - Ms. Sandra D’Sa,
    GM- Marketing, Geist Research Pvt. Ltd.
IGCW 2015 Confirmed Speakers
  • Keynote Speaker
    Dr. John Warner
    Co-Founder, 12 Principles of Green Chemistry President, Chief Technology Officer, Board of Directors
    The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, USA
  • Dr. Ajit Sapre
    Group President R&T,
    Reliance Industries Ltd., India
  • Mr. Anil Jain
    CEO, API division,
    Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., India
  • Dr. Anil Kumar
    Principal Scientist & Head,
    TATA Chemicals Ltd., India
  • Dr. Charlotte Wiles
    Chief Executive Officer,
    Chemtrix BV, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Deepak Parikh
    Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd., India
  • Dr. David J. Constable
    ACS Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI), USA
  • Dr. Denis Prat
    Head of Process Safety & Automated Chemistry Chemistry & Biotechnology Development,
    SANOFI, France
  • Mr. Hans Ole Klingenberg
    Commercial Director,
    Novozymes A/S, Denmark
  • Dr. Joachim F Kruger
    Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer,
    Clariant Chemicals, Switzerland
  • Dr. Maria Dalko
    Director of Chemistry Department,
    L'Oréal Research & Innovation, France
  • Dr. Murali Sastry
    IITB-Monash Research Academy, India
  • Mr. Nitesh Mehta
    IGCW Convenor & Founder Director,
    Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Dr. Rajan Venkatesh
    Vice-President - Chemical & Performance Products - South Asia,
    BASF, India
  • Dr. Rajagopal
    KnowGenix, India
  • Dr. Raman Ramachandran
    Chairman & MD,
    BASF Chemicals India Ltd., India (TBC)
  • Mr. Ravi Kapoor
    Managing Director,
    Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Dr. Sébastien Duprat de Paule
    Ph.D., R&D Director,
    CHIMEX - L'OREAL, France
  • Dr. Shisher Kumra
    Executive Director,
    Sustainability Support Service (Europe) AB, Sweden
  • Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram
    CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow,
    National Chemical Laboratories (NCL), India
  • Dr. Rajappa Vaidyanathan
    Director and Head-Process Research and Development,
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, India
  • Dr. Walther Hofherr
    Executive Director,
    Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD), Basel

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