Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW)

Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW) is a series of biennial Conventions, held in Mumbai, since 2009, up to 2025 commitment.

The IGCW Convention is globally recognised as first-of-its-kind “Green Industrial Chemistry” platform the focusses on the Implementation and Industrialisation of GC&E based processes, practices and products, and thus impact their triple bottom-line benefits of People, Planet and profit.

The IGCW Convention & Ecosystem is designed to facilitate diverse stakeholders of Chemical Industry, including Govt. bodies, Environment regulatory bodies, Solution and Technology providers, Academia and Research Institutes, etc. for collectively accelerating the implementation of GC&E practices in India.

IGCW About

Green Chemistree Foundation

Green ChemisTree Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, registered under Section 25 (now Section 8 of Companies Act); with the vision to expand awareness of, and the technical know-how on “Green Chemistry and Green Engineering (GC&E)” based applications, advantages, success-stories, tools and technologies; and thereby encourage chemical community stakeholders – both Industry & non-Industry groups towards GC&E implementation. The Foundation, through its various national and international deliberations facilitates the world-wide chemical community to explore, engage, exchange and expand their GC&E paradigms

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