About Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW)

Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW) is a series of biennial Conventions, held in Mumbai, since 2009, up to 2025 commitment.

The IGCW Convention is globally recognised as first-of-its-kind “Green Industrial Chemistry” platform the focusses on the Implementation and Industrialisation of GC&E based processes, practices and products, and thus impact their triple bottom-line benefits of People, Planet and profit.

The IGCW Convention & Ecosystem is designed to facilitate diverse stakeholders of Chemical Industry, including Govt. bodies, Environment regulatory bodies, Solution and Technology providers, Academia and Research Institutes, etc. for collectively accelerating the implementation of GC&E practices in India.

  • Facilitate learning from global green chemistry leaders and experts
  • Bring together key stakeholders of Indian Chemical Industry including senior Govt. officials
  • Provide a conducive ecosystem that can accelerate the implementation and industrialization of Green Chemistry and Engineering practices
  • Enable learning from Industry peers and practitioners of successful case-studies
  • Invite subject-specific solutions and technology providers to showcase at IGCW EXPO
  • Encourage collaborative initiatives by offering industrial networking platform to Researchers, Scientists and Technocrats.
  • Recognise and acknowledge Indian initiatives in GC&E direction through IGCW Awards

IGCW Awards 2019

The IGCW Awards felicitated biennially are India’s first and focused expression to acknowledge chemical technologies and case-studies those incorporating the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry & Green Engineering into chemistry routes, chemical designs, manufacturing practices, and every single step taken towards achieving pollution-prevention goals while meeting the triple bottom lines of Profit, People, & Planet.

The IGCW Awards, since 2009 has been recognizing outstanding research initiatives and industrialization stories in the field of “Green Chemistry and Engineering” by Industry and non-Industry groups.


IGCW EXPO, a tangible, for-profit platform

IGCW-EXPO is a focused industrial platform available for commercial expansion of green chemistry and engineering based technologies, products, services and solutions in the Industry.
It is a platform for companies offering green chemistry and green engineering based products, technologies and services to showcase their competency to the senior decision makers of the chemical industry, particularly those seeking solutions for their process relevant environmental challenges.
The igcw Expo will bring together around 50+ solutions and technology providers from all over the globe to partner with the burgeoning Indian Chemical Industry in its- immediate, short-term, mid-term and/or long term green chemistry and engineering based requirements.


Firstly, we would like to thank Team IGCW for presenting us with the SERB-IGCW 2017 for Green Chemistry in the Green Start-up companies’ category. It was a great honour to participate in IGCW and get shortlisted amongst highly deserving and reputable contestants. We were overwhelmed with the hospitality offered to us by the organizers and the entire committee members of the IGCW. We also truly appreciate the efforts put by your TEAM who left no stone unturned to make it a successful event. In conclusion, we would like to say that this award has bolstered our confidence and lifted our spirits to further our work in the field of Green Engineering.

Mr.Venkatesan Rajendran, Growtech Innovations India Pvt Ltd.

We are very happy to receive the SERB-IGCW Award 2017 in Technology Developer Category. Award like this motivates companies like us to invest more efforts in creating Technologies which creates difference.
Thank you very much to Jury Panel, SERB & IGCW!! Hope to have one more nomination in IGCW- 2019.

— Vikram Dhumal, GEIST research India Pvt Ltd.

Thank you very much to organizing committee of IGCW conference. As a student I personally found that this is a first conference in my life which was really connecting multidisciplinary fields under one roof of IGCW. It is a really the best platform for young researchers to get glimpses about the current status of chemical industries, research and market scenario in India. I really impressed by the invited talks which was organized in IGCW conference. SERB-IGCW award is not only monetary recognition for me but it has occupied more precious space in my heart. It’s my great pleasure that I have received this prestigious award in front of many dignitaries/experts in different fields. Monetary recognition of Rs.50000-/ will directly or indirectly help me to smooth the current economical challenges in my research. My tentative plan is to buy the laptop for secured storage of my research data.

— Ms.Nalinee Suryawanshi, CSIR – NCL

I want to express my sincere thanks to IGCW for recognizing me and the green technology on ‘biohydrogen production for waste feedstock’ as well for the SERB-IGCW Award 2017. I am truly humbled and honored to receive it. Specifically, by selecting our technology, I consider it as a very vital step to promote the technology from pilot scale to commercial level. The recognition conferred to this green technology will help and motivate us to take positive steps to promote and commercialize the technology with more confidence and enthusiasm. This will obviously pave way to much awaited ‘hydrogen economy’ which is needed for the sustainable future. I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to IGCW for recognizing the technology at the appropriate time and focusing it to the stakeholders. I would like to congratulate IGCW for taking up the excellent initiative to recognize the work going on in green chemistry domain from both academia and industry as well. I believe, this initiative will directly relate to the SDG goals and is crucial to promote sustainable community on the whole.

— Dr S Venkata Mohan – CSIR- IICT

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