Our Exhibitors

Geist Research Division of Z-Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Vikram Dhumal 

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +(91)-8550996217

Geist Research is an Indian Technology Company offering Sustainable Solutions for Chemical Recovery from Industrial waste water.

Since its inception in 2005, Geist had been helping Chemical manufacturers for sustainable management of Industrial waste water. Geist’s Technologies can recover Organic & Inorganic chemicals from variety of wastewater streams.

Geist’s Technologies are branded as “Wealth Out Of Waste” technologies which are customized for specific wastewater streams. Geist offer WOOW Technologies right from Conceptualization to its Commercialization.

We at GEIST provide Industries with Innovative & Customized Solutions with Guaranteed payback.

Veolia & Pure Water

Contact Person:  Ms. Monika Soni

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  7506795491

Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions is an industry leading water technology and process expertise to solve your toughest water, wastewater and process challenges, leveraging a comprehensive set of chemical, equipment and digital enabled services & products to help customers optimize water resources & overcome process challenges.

Pure Water Enterprises is a reputed water treatment channel partner with 25 years of experience, based in Mumbai with an impressive 20+years partnership with Veolia WTS SA, marking it the longest-standing collaboration in this field. This enduring alliance signifies the commitment to providing high quality solutions through Veolia’s cutting-edge technologies.

REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Dr Vanita Prasad

Email id: [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91 81560 09652

REVY is providing in situ solutions in waste management to several industries using its optimized Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Technology (WWTT). REVY develops “Designer Bio-culture” using IP protected combinations of bacteria/other microorganisms in the form of ‘Anaerobic Granulated Sludge’, and ‘Biomass Growth Enhancement Formulations (BGEF)’ that helps in treating wastes from a number of sectors including municipal wastes, sewage and effluents from industries such as Dairy, Distilleries, Pulp and paper, Slaughterhouses, Sugar, Food processing etc converting these waste into energy source such as Bio-methane and Bio-Hydrogen.

Schutzen Care Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Raj Mahendra Tanna

Email id: [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +(91)-9820845111

SCHUTZEN is laser focused on innovating, quantifying & launching C14 – Isotope Biobased & biodegradable Specialty Chemical Solutions for every industry.

Today, SCHUTZEN is a global leader in developing innovative Sustainable, Safe, Scalable, Non toxic Biobased & Biodegradable chemistries for

  • Textile processing Chemicals
  • Water based Paint & Coating
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Fabric Care & more.

Kcat Enzymatic Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Dr. Pravin Kumar

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +(91) 96205 24737

Kcat Enzymatic is a young, dynamic enzyme/protein engineering company from Bangalore with four years of experience, we have crafted state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-based Technologies aimed at revolutionizing the field of protein engineering. Our innovative 7D-Grid-AI technology has demonstrated remarkable potential, particularly in the area of enzyme engineering, heralding a new era of scientific discovery and progress.

WE The Recycling Company

Contact Person: Dr. Payal Nandurkar

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91 77188 24575

WE The Recycling Company, authorized by the MPCB, specializes in implementing circular economy solution for end-of-life electronics and electrical waste. WE offer our services to bulk consumers, brand owners, manufacturers, NGOs, education institutions, and government organizations, helping them effectively manage and recycle their E-waste in a secure and environmentally sound manner. Our eco-system aims to bridge the gap between formal and informal sectors, contributing to the goals of Digital India and Clean India initiatives.

Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Ashwini Gunnal – Kothe

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +91 7506388746

Newreka Green-Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a process technology solution provider founded in 1997 by technocrats from IIT-Bombay, passionate about nature & committed environment. The company offers Green Chemistry based solutions are Safer, Environment Friendly and Cost-effective vis-à-vis conventional technologies. Nitro to Amine Reduction is our core competency wherein we replace conventional technologies like Catalytic Hydrogenation (Raney Ni or Pd/C), Metal-Acid reductions, Hydrazine Hydrate, Sodium Sulphide, etc. We are also developing path breaking technologies in Nitration and Diazotization. Our Recycle@SourceTM Solution enables chemical industry to recycle their acidic, neutral and alkaline waste streams back into the same process multiple times reducing effluent load & increasing yield

Advanced Enzymes

Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Rahul Kirkinde

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  022-41703208 / 9930351693

Advanced Enzyme is a Global Enzyme manufacturing company with more than 6 decades of existence, 30 years of fermentation experience and presence in more than 50 countries. AETL provides exclusive solutions to API & chemical industry for green process through its Biocatalyst enzymes. The R & D centres for enzyme evolution & development is based out in India and Germany and more than 100+ scientist are engaged in this research field. AETL partners with their customers for specific need based solutions in the development stage and also provides ready solutions for cost benefit process.

Standard Engineers Logo

Standard Engineers

Contact Person: Mr. Vineet Shroff

Email id:  [email protected], [email protected] 

Phone No.: +91 98198 71287, 022-22611916

Pioneers in the field of “industrial mixing and agitation”, since more than five decades. Vast experience in critical duty complex ‘mass transfer • heat transfer’ equipment. Challenging applications and extreme of duties successfully performing across the globe. Top, Bottom, Side, Inclined side with combination type mixing systems. Axial, Co Current, Dual Motion counter rotating, Triple Shaft mixing systems.

Flow Rhex® Proburgeon Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Satyarakesh medidi

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  7981168971

Proburgeon Pvt. Ltd. is a DIPP recognized startup providing innovative and process intensified technologies for smaller, safer, faster, greener and cost competitive chemical research and manufacturing solutions. Along with our standard product portfolio for plate type and tubular type reactors, we also, design, develop and scale the tailormade technology solutions as per user requirement even for slurry reactions! We have wide experience in successfully transforming and optimizing multiple chemistries like Halogenations, Nitrations, Sulfonations, Oxidation, Aminations, Cynations, Pyrophoric reactions and so on. We have provided multiple lab, pilot and production scale continuous reactor skids with automation.

MakSpeed Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Vashisath Anand

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91-7498670688

MakSpeed Technologies is a technology driven organization providing advanced products and services in the field of Flow Chemistry and Process Intensification.

We design and manufacture continuous flow reactors, metering pumps, heating cooling utility circulators for lab, pilot and production scales.

We also offer –

  • Flow Chemistry Consultancy
  • Process Development from Batch to Continuous process
  • Training to industry professionals in flow chemistry

Climate & Conservation Consortium

Contact Person: Mr. Nikhil Kamble

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  8329771588

The Climate & Conservation Consortium (CCC) is a Social Enterprise specializing in Environmental Sustainability led by Nobel Laureate and Blue Planet Award winner Professor Mohan Munasinghe.  Over the past 12 years we have built a significant portfolio of clients focusing on Corporate and product based GHG Assessments

Rhodium Master

Contact Person: Mr. Paras Pethani

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  9714527145

Rhodium master is a two-decade old leader company that can help you with the technical know-how in the world of precious metal refining, processing and purification of PGMs. We are also manufacturer of all kind of homogeneous as well as heterogeneous catalyst. Rhodium Master is one of largest recycler and refiner of HOMOGENEOUS precious metal spent catalysts.

Ashaya Recyclers Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Anish Malpani

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91 90829 84789

WITHOUT by Ashaya is an innovative tech-driven startup on a mission to revolutionize recycling. Our proprietary chemo-mechanical process transforms “impossible-to-recycle” multi-layered plastic packaging into premium materials and products while empowering waste-pickers. We’re pioneering a sustainable circular economy, reducing plastic waste, and uplifting marginalized communities, one package at a time.


Contact Person: Mr. Chandrakant K Sethia

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  9560992473

Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors (AFR) are continuous flow processing technologies addressing wide range of applications in chemical & pharma manufacturing. AFR increases the efficiency, scalability, yields, and quality of chemical processing — all while reducing environmental impact, performance variability, and cost.

21+ year expertise. 800+ installations. 2500+ chemistries. 125+ commercial-reactors. 45,000+ hrs production. Single plant of 100,000 TPA.

Cleanchem Laboratories LLP

Contact Person: Dr.Bapu Gawade

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +91-7039946064

Cleanchem laboratories LLP is an independent reliable R&D based custom manufacturing company (CRAMS) delivering its numerous leading products to pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical research, speciality chemical, academic and government research institutions and healthcare industry. Cleanchem is fully research driven organization dealing with custom synthesis of Impurity reference standards, Metabolites, Agrochemical Impurities, NCE Building blocks, Speciality chemicals, intermediates, complex organic chemicals for biomedical and pharmaceutical research.

HEL India Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: HEL India Pvt. Ltd.

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +919920713453

H.E.L Group’s mission is to work together with chemistry, safety and biotechnology experts to engineer and unleash the full potential of the scientific community. To this end, H.E.L develops and manufactures innovative scientific instruments and software designed to optimize the efficiency, safety and productivity of key processes in chemistry and biology applications.

The H.E.L team of 70 includes highly skilled process and software engineers, based at their extensive research and manufacturing facilities in the UK, as well as sales and support offices around the world.

H.E.L. has a long history of solving complex challenges for customers. For more than 30 years the Company has worked with businesses and laboratories globally, providing proprietary automated solutions for the pharma, biotechnology, chemical, battery and petrochemical sectors.

LabGuard India Pvt Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Smita Dalvi

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  9769696842

LabGuard India Pvt Ltd is a trusted Indian manufacturer known for its premium Green Fume Hoods and Laboratory Furniture. With 3 decades of innovation and unwavering quality, we export to over 35 countries, hold global certifications, and proudly received the India Design Mark Award thrice for our pioneering fume hoods.

Revvity Signals Software Inc.

Contact Person: Kapil Aggarwal

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  9810391319

Revvity Signals offers one of the most comprehensive platforms of scientific software in the world. Our powerful informatics solutions are used across a spectrum of industries including Pharma and Biotech, Specialty and Agro-chemicals. From our internationally recognized flagship ChemDraw® and E-Notebook applications to our Signals Research Platform, no scientific company offers a wider range and more powerful platform of scientific solutions than Signals Software.


Contact Person: B.Shylender Kumar

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  9908140066

Sky Lifesciences Solutions is a pioneering company at the forefront of green chemistry, dedicated to creating sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions for various industries. With a strong commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of chemical processes and products, Sky Lifesciences Solutions embodies the principles of green chemistry in its core values and operations.

We offer Flow Reactors from Corning, Phase Separation Solutions from Zaiput, High-Performance Pumps, IKA Flow Reactor Equipment, PAT Tools for Process Optimization

SIPL Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Sunil Kumar

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  +91-9911921666

SIPL Pvt Ltd is a niche consultancy company which has been providing customized services in sustainability domain since 2008. With expertise of over 300 LCA studies and 150 EPDs, SIPL Pvt Ltd intends to provide world’s best consultancy support, tools, knowledge, and network in the hands of decision makers, policy makers of Indian government and industry. We provide consulting services for LCA, EPD, Scope studies, Water and Carbon footprint, circularity index etc.

We are accredited EPD and LCA verifiers at EPD International.

SIPL Pvt. Ltd. is business partner to PRé Sustainability, Netherlands in India, Sri Lanka. PRé Sustainability have developed the world’s most widely used LCA software ‘SimaPro’. The strength of our consulting team lies in our engineering background and technical support from PRé Sustainability and their decades of experience across different verticals towards sustainability.


About CSIR
The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) was established as an autonomous body in September 1942, to address the needs of industrial research in the country. Further, evolving the scope and range of activities in several domains, CSIR is today known for its excellence in R&D and S&T innovations. CSIR has Pan India presence through its network of 37 National Laboratories which undertake focused basic and applied research in diverse fields of S&T. CSIR has also established 39 outreach centres, one innovation complex and three units. CSIR’s R&D expertise and experience is embodied in about 3476 scientists supported by about 4000 technical and support personnel

CSIR Vision and Mission

Enhance the quality of life of the citizens of India through innovative science and technology, globally competitive R&D, development of sustainable solutions and capacity building to fulfil the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

It is essential for CSIR and important for the country that it continues to be as relevant as it was in the past, but even more so in the future particularly India’s vision for 2047. The guiding beacon for CSIR would continue to be its mission across various socio-economic sectors as below.

a)Technology innovation and translational research and commercialization of techno-logy and know-how to align with national goals.

b)Development of national strengths through advanced technology solutions for national aerospace programs , design and development of small and medium sized civil aircraft to promote a vibrant Indian civil aviation.

c)Synergizing diverse expertise to solve the grand challenges of newage science, industry and society.

d)Creation and demonstration of scalable and sustainable green technologies in the energy sector, contributing to real-time applications towards long-term energy security of the country.

e)Meeting international benchmarks and societal needs.

f)Improving wellness indices and health outcomes through a synthesis of biology, chemistry, engineering and computation.

g)To be a leader in civil and infrastructural engineering domain for the growth of sustainable civil infrastructure.

h)Provide globally benchmarked sustainable processes for chemicals leading to reduction in trade deficits. 

CSIR S&T Profile
Various S&T domains in which CSIR has focused its R&D activities over the years include oceanography, earth sciences, geophysics, chemicals, drugs ,genomics, biotechnology and nanotechnology to mining, aeronautics, instrumentation, environmental engineering and information technology. It provides significant technological intervention in many areas with regard to societal efforts which include environment, health, drinking water, food, housing, energy, leather, farm and non-farm sectors. CSIR is the Nat ion’s custodian for Measurement Standards of Mass, Distance, Time, Temperature, Current etc. CSIR has created and is the custodian of Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) which is a tool to address unethical commercial exploitation of Indian Traditional Knowledge. CSIR also maintains Microbial Type Culture Collection (MTCC) and Gene Bank.

Excel Industries Ltd.

Epicel : This product is a Biostimulant. Manufactured using Humic Acid as a starting material. A proprietary process then enhances the performance of the product about 10 times better than Humic Acid and the user can experience enhancement in productivity of his land mass by 20% or more.

The product works in soil and mobilizes the nutrients that are fixed.

It is known that out of total nutrients in soil , about 35% are available to the plants and 65% get fixed in soil. Epicel releases these nutrients and make them available to crop, thus enhancing the productivity of soil.

Epicel is a black colored gel. @ 1 Kg per Acre , Epicel can be delivered through drip or drenching or mixing with powder/granule fertilizers.

Present MRP of the product is Rs.685/- per Kg and in our experience , farmers do benefit with the value of additional profit to be in the range of Rs.6 thousand to 20 thousand depending on various factors. Product is available in 1 Kg and 0.5 Kg packs.

As one can see, the product improves utilization of nutrients and improves productivity. This implies reduction in fertilizer consumption besides better profits to farmers.

Xscalent : This product is a drip system cleaner with built in safety . The process of using this product implies reduced cost of operation. It is possible to clean the drip system as it is-in the field when the crop is standing.

Xscalent is a mixture of Chelating agents and dissolves the scales that choke up drip systems.

Before stopping the pump, one has to dissolve 1 Kg Xscalent in about 100 lit of water and inject in the system through venturi. (Without removing lateral pipes) . After 76 hours, the pump can be started to find that the scales are all dissolved.

In case the water filter is damaged, one may need to open the end caps to drain the soil , not otherwise.

Present MRP of the product is Rs.425/- per Kg that is the recommended dose for 1 Acre.

This product is safe and does not harm the environment or human or crop besides reducing the cost of cleaning the drip system.

Celjal : This product is a water conditioner and pH manager for water to be used for foliar application of pesticides as well as soluble fertilizers.

It prevents interaction between pesticides or water soluble fertilizers and dissolved solids in water. It thus prevents precipitation of water soluble fertilizers and pesticides , improving its performance.

This implies reduced consumption of pesticides or fertilizers and saving to farmer.

Celjal should be added to water before adding any other chemical.

At MRP of Rs.940/- per Kg, it can cause saving of inputs of much more value than its cost to farmer.

Bioculum-AW : Is a composting culture , working in an aerobic manner to decompose the organic waste material to usable compost.

Bioculum is probably the fastest acting culture in the country . It is a ready to use black powder that can be used immediately upon opening the pack.

The process of composting, ‘if followed by the protocol developed by Excel Industries Ltd.’ can complete the composting process within one month for all types of agri waste. The aerobic process confirms degradation of weed seeds and elimination of insect eggs/larvae due to high temperature of process.

At a very reasonable MRP of Rs.240/- per Kg , that can decompose 1000 Kgs of Agri waste, Bioculum is best product for organic farming and does have organic certification too.

Varshacel : Is a water conditioner for irrigation water.

Irrigation water is necessary when monsoon water is not available. Crop grows better in monsoon water than the water supplied through bore well or other ground sources.  The reason is the difference in the nutrient carrying capacity of the water from rain and that from a well.

Varshacel can tackle this difference . 1 Kg of Varshacel can treat 1 Lakh liter of Irrigation water for water with TDS above 400 ppm. 1 Kg of Varshacel can treat 2 Lakh liters of water if the TDS is below 400.

Besides this performance; Varshacel is found to improve the soil condition too (after regular use)


Contact Person: Dr. Ninad Gujarathi

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  8600140949

Environalgae is a technology consulting firm that specializes in developing, demonstrating, and executing full-scale microalgae-based effluent treatment plants. Our technology perhaps provides the most sustainable, circular, and clean-technology option for abatement of carbon and nitrogen from effluent streams. Algae produced from the process provides huge revenue potential too!


Contact Person: AMARISH TIWARI

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No.:  8240774697

SRICO is a reputed laboratory equipment company solely dedicated to deliver the best solutions from internationally recognised manufactures to cater your application demands. SRICO has successfully met requirements from esteemed organizations dealing in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology, food, and energy sector all over India with excellent pre and post installation services intended to benefit our customers.

“Our mission is to deliver total Customer satisfaction”