Our Exhibitors

Geist Research Division of Z-Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Vikram Dhumal 

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +(91)-8550996217

Geist Research is an Indian Technology Company offering Sustainable Solutions for Chemical Recovery from Industrial waste water.

Since its inception in 2005, Geist had been helping Chemical manufacturers for sustainable management of Industrial waste water. Geist’s Technologies can recover Organic & Inorganic chemicals from variety of wastewater streams.

Geist’s Technologies are branded as “Wealth Out Of Waste” technologies which are customized for specific wastewater streams. Geist offer WOOW Technologies right from Conceptualization to its Commercialization.

We at GEIST provide Industries with Innovative & Customized Solutions with Guaranteed payback.

Veolia & Pure Water

Contact Person:  Ms. Monika Soni

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  7506795491

Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions is an industry leading water technology and process expertise to solve your toughest water, wastewater and process challenges, leveraging a comprehensive set of chemical, equipment and digital enabled services & products to help customers optimize water resources & overcome process challenges.

Pure Water Enterprises is a reputed water treatment channel partner with 25 years of experience, based in Mumbai with an impressive 20+years partnership with Veolia WTS SA, marking it the longest-standing collaboration in this field. This enduring alliance signifies the commitment to providing high quality solutions through Veolia’s cutting-edge technologies.

REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Dr Vanita Prasad

Email id: [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91 81560 09652

REVY is providing in situ solutions in waste management to several industries using its optimized Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Technology (WWTT). REVY develops “Designer Bio-culture” using IP protected combinations of bacteria/other microorganisms in the form of ‘Anaerobic Granulated Sludge’, and ‘Biomass Growth Enhancement Formulations (BGEF)’ that helps in treating wastes from a number of sectors including municipal wastes, sewage and effluents from industries such as Dairy, Distilleries, Pulp and paper, Slaughterhouses, Sugar, Food processing etc converting these waste into energy source such as Bio-methane and Bio-Hydrogen.

Schutzen Care Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Raj Mahendra Tanna

Email id: [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +(91)-9820845111

SCHUTZEN is laser focused on innovating, quantifying & launching C14 – Isotope Biobased & biodegradable Specialty Chemical Solutions for every industry.

Today, SCHUTZEN is a global leader in developing innovative Sustainable, Safe, Scalable, Non toxic Biobased & Biodegradable chemistries for

  • Textile processing Chemicals
  • Water based Paint & Coating
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Fabric Care & more.

Kcat Enzymatic Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Dr. Pravin Kumar

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +(91) 96205 24737

Kcat Enzymatic is a young, dynamic enzyme/protein engineering company from Bangalore with four years of experience, we have crafted state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence-based Technologies aimed at revolutionizing the field of protein engineering. Our innovative 7D-Grid-AI technology has demonstrated remarkable potential, particularly in the area of enzyme engineering, heralding a new era of scientific discovery and progress.

WE The Recycling Company

Contact Person: Dr. Payal Nandurkar

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  +91 77188 24575

WE The Recycling Company, authorized by the MPCB, specializes in implementing circular economy solution for end-of-life electronics and electrical waste. WE offer our services to bulk consumers, brand owners, manufacturers, NGOs, education institutions, and government organizations, helping them effectively manage and recycle their E-waste in a secure and environmentally sound manner. Our eco-system aims to bridge the gap between formal and informal sectors, contributing to the goals of Digital India and Clean India initiatives.

Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Ashwini Gunnal – Kothe

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  +91 7506388746

Newreka Green-Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a process technology solution provider founded in 1997 by technocrats from IIT-Bombay, passionate about nature & committed environment. The company offers Green Chemistry based solutions are Safer, Environment Friendly and Cost-effective vis-à-vis conventional technologies. Nitro to Amine Reduction is our core competency wherein we replace conventional technologies like Catalytic Hydrogenation (Raney Ni or Pd/C), Metal-Acid reductions, Hydrazine Hydrate, Sodium Sulphide, etc. We are also developing path breaking technologies in Nitration and Diazotization. Our Recycle@SourceTM Solution enables chemical industry to recycle their acidic, neutral and alkaline waste streams back into the same process multiple times reducing effluent load & increasing yield

Advanced Enzymes

Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Rahul Kirkinde

Email id:  [email protected]

Phone No.:  022-41703208 / 9930351693

Advanced Enzyme is a Global Enzyme manufacturing company with more than 6 decades of existence, 30 years of fermentation experience and presence in more than 50 countries. AETL provides exclusive solutions to API & chemical industry for green process through its Biocatalyst enzymes. The R & D centres for enzyme evolution & development is based out in India and Germany and more than 100+ scientist are engaged in this research field. AETL partners with their customers for specific need based solutions in the development stage and also provides ready solutions for cost benefit process.

Standard Engineers Logo

Standard Engineers

Contact Person: Mr. Vineet Shroff

Email id:  [email protected], [email protected] 

Phone No.: +91 98198 71287, 022-22611916

Pioneers in the field of “industrial mixing and agitation”, since more than five decades. Vast experience in critical duty complex ‘mass transfer • heat transfer’ equipment. Challenging applications and extreme of duties successfully performing across the globe. Top, Bottom, Side, Inclined side with combination type mixing systems. Axial, Co Current, Dual Motion counter rotating, Triple Shaft mixing systems.

Flow Rhex® Proburgeon Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Person: Satyarakesh medidi

Email id:  [email protected] 

Phone No.:  7981168971

Proburgeon Pvt. Ltd. is a DIPP recognized startup providing innovative and process intensified technologies for smaller, safer, faster, greener and cost competitive chemical research and manufacturing solutions. Along with our standard product portfolio for plate type and tubular type reactors, we also, design, develop and scale the tailormade technology solutions as per user requirement even for slurry reactions! We have wide experience in successfully transforming and optimizing multiple chemistries like Halogenations, Nitrations, Sulfonations, Oxidation, Aminations, Cynations, Pyrophoric reactions and so on. We have provided multiple lab, pilot and production scale continuous reactor skids with automation.